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Can't Access Pineapple Mark Iv - Time For A Clean Flash?


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Hi All,

I tried loading the auto-rickroll hack from the following tutorial http://hak5.org/hack...-wifi-pineapple

I followed all the instructions and since I rebooted my pineapple (last step) I can't connect to it - It's not broadcasting an SSID and plugging in an ethernet cable (PoE LAN port) does not do anything (LAN light does not come on).

I've tried re-setting, power cycling, different PC and still get nothing. Additionally I've noticed when powering up, the LAN and WAN lights flash once, WPS light flashes for about 10 seconds and then nothing but the power light remains on. I've come to the conclusion that it's now bricked - especially since I just saw the comment at the bottom of the tutorial saying I needed to remove an additional line. Guess this is karma for trying to rick roll the entire office tomorrow :P

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this or if you have any ideas how I can avoid buying a console board to perform a clean flash (SSH wont work either since the pineapple is not broadcasting a SSID)

Any help would be appreciated!



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those instructions are for a mk1 or mk2

serial it will have to be

unless you havnt tried holding the reset button for 7 seconds?

Thanks mate, can't belive I missed that!Tried the reset button again and it worked!! :) Used the rick rolling tutorial for the MarkIV and it worked!

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