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Mark Iv Stuck On /redirect.php After Update


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Hey Guys,

Haha i swear I’ve got the worst luck with wifi pineapples ever. After receiving my new pineapple replacement , the first thing I did was to update it to 2.5.0 I think it was. I did it from page but after update the automatically redirects me to and the page gets stuck in constant loop of refreshing. I can still ssh into pineapple and after multiple reboots I still not sure how to fix it.

Did it somehow get bricked :'(



Never mind fixed it :)

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I am sure that he upgraded to 2.6.4 and therefore wasn't able to get a page because he wasn't going to port 1471.

Best Regards,


okay, help the itards like me, cause I am having same problem. don't know how to fix this...

put : then port in address box?

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