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Android Phone Recommendation


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Been dedicated to the iPhone for the past few year but I'm becoming more and more interested in jumping ship over to Android, seeing that there's much more interesting hacks/mods available.

Which phone would you recommend?

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if your wanting a purely hacker friendly phone - i have had massive success with any Nexus device (Nexus s4g if you looking for a cheap phone, or the Nexus 4g LTE if you want the latest) they are google flagship devices, like the nexus 7 tablet, and always have the latest andriod version (my other nexus s4g has jellybean) and they are totally open source so rooting/modding can be done with ease.

other good candidates are:

Samsung S3 - fast phone; ugly UI

HTC oneX (att) - harder to root properly, but fast

Droid Razr MAXX - AWESOME BATTERY!!! also a great rooted phone, once you get it there (boot loader likes to reset itself alot)

Galexy Note - have not personally tested this phone; but it sits on basically same hardware as the S3, so i assume it will have the same results

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If you interested in hacks and mods for Android, I would look into either the Samsung Nexus S, it's CDMA cousin (the Nexus S 4G, what I have), or the Galaxy Nexus (which is avalible from the Google Play store). The Nexus phones tend to come with barebones, stock Android ROMs, and they aren't locked down so its extremely easy to get root with.

There are a bunch of other phones that can messed around with, but the 3 I brought up are the most obvious ones I can think of. Plus they're usually the phones to get if your developing on the Android platform.

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If you're on a tight budget or are a first time smartphone buyer not looking to break the bank while you test the waters, the Stellar is worth a look. No, it doesn't have stellar high end features, but you get a lot for free on contract. The smartphone runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with both TouchWiz and newbie-friendly starter UI options. It has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm S4 CPU with a gig of RAM and front and rear cameras. This is an LTE phone with dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a GPS.


iPad cases

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