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Alfa Rabbit? [Wifi Dongle By Alfa]


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Hi, I just have some questions about a piece of hardware that I found recently. This USB dongle, created by Alfa for a company called "x-consepts" in Dubai, is claimed to have some pretty amazing specs. 5000mw output, 3000m range, and 36dbi gain... But that's all the specs. Nothing on the actual hardware. - http://www.aliexpres.../629933945.html

What I'm curious about is if anyone has more info on these dongles, and if anyone thinks that it is worth the $30 to buy one and test it. Also, if I were to buy one, is it possible to use a spitter to allow large directional antennae to work with the double antenna jacks?

Thanks for any help. :D

- and yes, I have scoured google for more info.

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