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Psa: 2.6.4+ And Infusions / Modules. Please Read!


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Hey everyone,

Recently the MK4 firmware 2.6.4 has entered the development branch.

With it's release, the pineappleUI has been moved to a different directory on the pineapple (/pineapple) and runs on a different port (1471 by default).

For users this means:

If you have updated to 2.6.4 or above, modules will not display properly and may not work at all.

Why has this happened?

The answer is simple. Old paths will simply not work.

Can I fix this temporarily?

Why yes, you can. Simply SSH into your pineapple and execute this command:

sed -i 's/&twoOne//g' /pineapple/pages/modules.php

[i]Why can I only see a few modules?[/i]

The reason you only see a few modules there, is because only updated modules will show there.

[b]For module developers this means:[/b]

You will need to update your modules.

Any references to "[i]/www/pineapple/"[/i] need to be modified to "[i]/pineapple/".[/i] These are usually PHP absolute references.

Any references to "[i]/pineapple/"[/i] need to be changed to "[i]/"[/i] .

[i]What do I do after I have updated my module?[/i]

Exactly what you used to. Submit it to the module submission site.

Please make sure to add 2.6.4+ in the description.

[i]Why does my module not show up in the pineapple bar or on the website?[/i]

First, follow the temporary fix above. This will ensure that your pineapple accesses the new module database.

You will now be able to download your newly submitted module to your pineapple.

[i]What if I don't update my module?[/i]

Simple. Your module will not be available to download in any future versions until it has been updated.

If you decide to stop working on a module, other people can of course pick up where you left off.

[b]Why the complications? You suck![/b]

I know that this may be a bit of a hassle for some of you, but it ensures that the current stable 2.5.0 version is usable without any issues.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Remember that everything above 2.5.0 is still a development version so there may be things which don't work as they should.

If you follow this guide though you ensure that you are as up-to-date as possible.

I do hope you all understand! :)

Best Regards,


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