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Strange Wifi Issues


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I used to run ubuntu 10.10 from a toshiba lifebook and the entire aircrack suite worked fine. Now I am trying to run from my wifes acer laptop and am having issue after issue. First, I don't like using airmon so I throw wlan0 into monitor mode and use macchanger to change the mac to de:ad:00:00:be:ef. Everything sticks for about 30 seconds. Then I try running aireplay and always end up in channel -1. I didn't even know channel -1 existed. WTF? Chipset is AR5001 which shouldn't require any patching. The strange thing is that reaver still works for WPS crack. Why does aireplay run the wrong channel but reaver doesn't? Plus reaver takes 4 hours on average. Where aircrack takes like 5 minutes.

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