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Only Probes, No Connections.


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Hello everyony,

I'm having some problems. I've started my Pineapple. It's connected with the WAN / LAN Port to the Internet. I've started Wireless, Karma and URL Snarf.

But the clients didn't connect. I'm justing getting some Probes:


KARMA: Probe Request from a0:88:b4:08:b1:a8 for SSID 'WLAN'

KARMA: Probe Request from 40:fc:89:b3:ff:82 for SSID 'WIFI'

KARMA: Probe Request from 58:55:ca:1c:ea:7f for SSID 'homenet'

Don't know what is wrong. Ideas?

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Did you just get 3 probes? In that case it doesn't have to be anything wrong.

The 3 probes that you got, could be encrypted networks, and the Pineapple is not (yet?) capable of autoconnecting to encrypted probes. Well, as far as I know at least :)

Another thing to mention is that after I replaced the pigtail in my Pineapple, I got a lot more connections. That could be pure luck, but it could also be because of better signal.

Take the pineapple to a cafe or someplace with a lot of people, and try running karma. I guess you will get a couple of connections.

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