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Few things i thought you should check out


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Hey first off i thought id show you guys the awesome comunity out there for gaming media, you dont seem to talk/know about it

best site to find some of this stuff is


there are actually independant groups focused on quality vids, with a large collection of trusted and acclaimed as such editors, the ones im affiliated with are twilight pictures and shaolinproductions

you guys should check em out at


sry if you guys have seen all this shit before just i did a forum search and came up with nothing, if you want some recomendations for vids to watch ill be happy to tell you the best ones (imo :P)

right and also i remember a segment on streaming media like audio from your pc at home on another pc at a party or whatever, thought you guys should check out this proggie


really nifty tool and verry easy to use, not so sure how secure it is, but im sure you guys could work something out. it basically makes a WAN LAN. so anything you have shared in windows is then accessible to that computer as if it was hard wired, pretty handy all pw protected aswell. can also see lan games over it as if you were next to them :)

let me know what you guys think of both of those

cheers all


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