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Access Ubuntu Server Desktop Remotely (Without A New Session)


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I have set up Ubuntu 12.04 server in an office and I also installed KDE. We have an application that we would like to run and display on the desktop of the server and would like to be able to access the desktop remotely. I thought that I could install xrdp and then use Windows Remote Desktop to access it but it opens a new session and the original desktop isn't shown remotely. I've done some googling and it seems that an option is to use VNC but I've tried several "walk-through" instructions and they all fail to bring the remote desktop to my PC. Is this really the way to do it? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I thought about using TeamViewer or LogMeIn but, as far as I know, these are better suited to a WAN, rather than LAN, situation.

Thanks in advance.

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An "easy way" would be gotoassist.com... but that is the easy and more expensive way. If doing the walkthroughs from Google failed, I would be asking the same question.

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I'm pretty sure VNC is the accepted way of doing what you describe. That said, not many people bother to use it. It's uncommon to run an X session on a Linux server and want to remotely control graphical applications running on that local (to the server) X session.

You'd probably have better luck asking on the Ubuntu forums or on LinuxQuestions.org.

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