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[Question] Few Questions Regarding The Ducky


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Hi All,

I just ordered the USB rubber ducky, and I have a plan for it but the wiki appears to be down so I can't answer a few lingering questions:

My 2 questions are:

1) Can you 'Disable' the USB device in Device Manager so it doesn't execute while Windows is running?

2) Does the 'duckyscript' support loops? I would imagine the device is 'reinitialized/booted up' by the BIOS on system reset (possibly?) so this may not even be an issue. If this isn't the case, then I would want to have a loop with a 1 hour delay, that way if someone just turns on my laptop with the ducky in it then it just won't self-unlock... I could just write the same code 3000 times, but thats just ugly. :)

Here is my issue:

I leave my laptop, which is encrypted and requires a password to unlock on boot, on a dock in my locked office. My company's IT department loves to force reboots during the night for Windows updates at 3am, so my plan is currently to use the ducky with a 1 hour delay to type in my password 1 hour after the ducky is 'powered on.' The laptop and this unlock screen do support USB keyboards, so this shouldn't be an issue. I also do not want the ducky just to randomly type in the password while Windows is active, hence my question about disabling the USB device from the device manager so that Windows doesn't automatically enable it on each boot. Worst comes to worst I can write a script and schedule it to run in Windows that will disable the USB device.

'Bad judgement,' or anything else aside (I do not have any confidential data on my laptop anyway, and the encryption policy is company wide just to protect those that do, so even if it was stolen I wouldn't be concerned)...Thanks to anyone who can help answer my questions! :)

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I dont know if I am reading it correctly but if you disable it then it will never execute. Just the same as if you disable your keyboard and tried typing.

Would it not be better to write a 1 hour delay at the start so when windows restarts and reactivates the ducky then it will launch ater 1 hour?

Regarding loops as far as I can see its not supported. Its the messy option of repeating code that would be needed.

I wanted to do a similar thing but you need to CTRL, ALT, DEL to unlock and enter password at our work and since ALT doesnt work on the UK keyboard encoder I cant do it.

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