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Automating Processes?


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On Linux based OS's this is going to depend what exactly you want to do, you can have scripts that run at startup, every x minutes, etc. For VPN's you could look into adding a connect script into /etc/rc.local or /etc/init.d.

On Windows, check out the automated task scheduler, aka "the at command". If I remember correctly, when doing this on Windows it depends on the .exe you're running and whether or not it needs to interact with the desktop. IMO, a cleaner and more simple way to do this on Windows would be just to make a .exe that connects to a VPN, then put that .exe in the "All Users Startup Folder" and you wont have to worry about following any Windows coding norms. There are more fancy ways, like making it a system service or putting the address of the .exe into one of the many startup registry entries, but all of those require the .exe to be coded in a way which allows it to wait for other system signals from Windows, and IMO it can get complicated coding these processes because many of them wait in a loop. Startup folder might be your best bet for windows.

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