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I Admit It, I Am A Windows Boomer, Need Some Help


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OK... I love linux... though I am still pretty wet behind my ears when it comes to certain functionalities.

Here goes (swallowing pride), I recently obtained Project Artillery. I installed it, went to config it, but it is a read-only file. I assumed if I backed it up, it would work... wrong...

So, I think it is hilarious that I can't seem to find the workaround. If I alter the name of the file, it won't be the proper config... right?

DAMMIT... can someone tell me what the hell I am doing wrong?

sudo apt-get install some sense into my mind.conf

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...so simple... dammit... kicking myself in the ass... I will get fluent, but until then... mr-protocol has got my back!

I owe a lot of people beer... If I am pimp, I am broke pimp...

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... OK... after hours of trying to config with the SMTP, the harden.py calls out an exception through the monitor. Am I supposed to use an encrypted password in the SMTP PW line? I thought I was getting somewhere, but I just can't get the artillery to launch properly.

artillery~#sudo kwrite config

edit, save, and exit

artillery~#python artillery.py

then I get this exception

Unhandled exception in thread started by <function monitor_system at 0xb6fea4c4>

then it follows up with .../harden.py", line 67m in <module>

I guess I am not getting something... but have read it was not tested with Ubuntu 12.04... could it be a bug or am I just a moron?

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