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Getting in with a null session enabled (IPC$).


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Hi guys,

Ive been trying recently to access my university computers through the internet to download some projects, programs that we use and other stuff .

Ive tried asking them for an account so i can log into from home , but they wouldnt give me :(

So i got the ip address , did a simple netbios test ... and found that they have file sharing enabled .

I tried getting in with a null session (IPC$) and it said "command completed successfully" which seemed great... but then whenever i try an nbtscan or enumeration to get the account names it gives me error 5 which is "no access" .

i found it wierd since i already have their ip address when i do netstat as connected with a netbios-ss session !

They also have port 21 opened :wink: , i wonder if that can be of any use !


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Is this a "How do I hack <insert name>?" question?

I believe it was but not in such blantant form.

Because this is your school there's no way they'll let you have access from home, the best advice anyone here can give you would be to google it and hope for something useful.

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Is this a "How do I hack <insert name>?" question?

You paint it in such an ugly picture !

First of all its not an individual , second of all its "resposible" hacking for a ligitimate reason .

I basicly need a few programs that we use in our computer lab so i can practice for my midterms, and a few excercises aswell that we have done during the lab sessions .

dont see whats so horrible about that .

Also im getting into networking , and this is aswell a reason for me asking , so i could understand how netbios works !

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