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[Question][Firmware] Storing Multiple Payloads


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It might be possible to simply take the two .bin files that the duckencoder makes and simply paiste the byte code from one at the end of the other. I dont know for shure though, since I dont really know how the duckencoder works as far as java code goes(not enough time on my hands). This might be a little problematic if the payloads byte length adds up to be longer than the duckey/encoder supports. There appears to be a file size limit, because once I tried to make a really big payload that typed in an exe's bytes, and it stopped typing after about 5 min.

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Ha! It is possible to combine two .bin files! What you have to know is how to handle the files once you have em. You need to handle the files as binary files, so whatever text program you use needs to be able to do this. It is easier to just use the command line than to use notepad, ect. The following command will combine the bin files using the binary flag and it will append them in the correct order by using the concatenation operator(+) in the command. The output is sent to inject.bin, ready to run.

copy /b File1.bin+File2.bin inject.bin

As far as running both files concurrently, it would be very difficult, and would probably involve using Alt+Tab and Shift+Tab, and would look very cool, but probably not accomplish much. God forbid if the duckey typos(its possible if delay not set right). I imagine you would need some kind of scripting language that compiles down to duckey.

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Try looking at the Naked Duck (m_duck.hex) firmware, it supports the use of multiple payloads through the use of keyboard LEDS and the *LOCK keys (CAPS/SCROLL/NUM).


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