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Connect Pineapple To Internet Connection


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I have a little bit of a problem. I don't know if the iptables work or not, I decided not to try them before I got some answers.

First off I have a router which recieves the IP address from my ISP. To the router I have connected a switch. To the switch I have a couple of computers and the WIFI Pineapple connected on the WAN-port.

When my laptop is connected to my default WIFI I can connect to the pineapple through a dhcp assigned IP address. In this case (

When I connect to the pineapples wifi I can connect to it through the default 172 IP.

The isseu here is that even though I can establish a connection to the wifi part of the pineapple, I seem to be unable to access the internet from this connection.

When I use ssh to connect to the pineapple I am able to ping public ips w/o problems.

So how do I solve this?

Do I need to bridge the connections from wifi to wan port?

Do I need to add some ip table rules?

Any tips will gladly be appriciated.

To sum it up.

I want to have my wifi pineapple connected with cable to my router and be able to access internet through the pineapple using wifi.

Thanks in advance

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The modules will download on the pineapple itself and as you said you can ping from ssh the pineapple should be able to download and install modules.

On the top of the pineapple webui just go to "pineapple bar" then "list available infusions" from there you can install networkmanager and setup ICS

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