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The booklet listed a module and pages you can download to get a PHP interface, but i cant seem to find them anywhere. Which firmware version did they start being a part of? Im happy on 2.3.1 so i havent upgraded past this version.

Booklet Page 35

Pineapple bar.

Either way, I highly suggest you upgrade your pineapple to at least 2.5.0.

We had lots of fixes since 2.3.1...

The meterpreter module is not yet part of the pineapple bar, it hasn't been released by Darren yet. I am sure it will be out soon.

Best Regards,


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OK, thanks seb, will upgrade via OTA now. I never upgraded since, knock on wood, i had no issues and everything has been working great, im in the middle of testing the WPS scripts i made with the button module installed, i installed it, but havent had a chance to see if the button module overwrites what i did under config with the initial WPS button option that came stock.

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If you have metasploit installed you can generate the meterpreter php payload (msfpayload) and kind of get it done yourself. I didn't really have any luck being able to keep it active, Darren has a script on here if you search meterpreter that should keep it alive.

I'd search google for php meterpreter payload and you should find some walkthroughs

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