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Another Bricked Pineapple... New One.


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I received my Pineapple IV elite last Friday. I Played with it all weekend without any problems.

I installed the San Flash card per instructions. I used a powered hub and had the second WiFi working in relay mode. I used CLI for most of what I did.

Everything was going great until I took it to work this morning.

This morning, I was using just the Pineapple with the SanFlash card plugged into it.

The second modem and the hub were at home.

I was using the Web based network configuration tool (for the first time). The last thing I did was to put the wifi into adhoc mode (by mistake).

From then on, I can't talk to the Pineapple. DHCP works on the wan/POE interface, but even nmap couldn't find anything else that would respond. I also tried to link to the adhoc wifi, but still nothing. ARPS are coming out of the Pineapple, and an occasional DNS request is coming out for the time server.

I haven't updated the original firmware that was on it. 2.4.1.

Flash time??


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