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Dual Pineapple Daisy Chain Project


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Hey guys,

I've been messing around with pineapples for a while now and decided to start a real project. I bought an AP-51 a while ago and flashed it with the firmware available online. Then I picked up a Mk4 at Defcon and had the idea to daisy-chain them together;

Public Wifi -->(WiFi Adapter)-->AP-51 -->(LAN)-->Mk4 -->(WiFi Adapter)-->Targets

The AP-51 would serve the public WiFi via LAN to the Mk4 which would use it for Karma throughput. That way I could do an initial setup at a new location then just leave the box laying around on its own, so targets still use the available WiFi for internet, but through the box.

I remember using IPTABLES on an old Ubuntu box to tunnel the adapters but it's been a long time and I imagine this would be a different beast. Any recommendations?

Here's what I'm working with:

Took an old Procerus GCS CommBox, JB Welded the holes, sand blasted it and drilled new holes for the antennas

Soldered some short USB power cables and picked up a few cheap batteries (2-3 hour charge).

Shoved it all into the box and everything works fine. No noticeable interference between the two APs.

I'm working on a SolidWorks mount for organizational purposes but have to wait a few weeks for a prototype to ship.

I'm eventually going to desolder the USB and LAN ports so they are externally accessible but for now I need to work on the software side.

What do you guys think would be the easiest way to tunnel a Wifi connection from the AP-51 to the Mk4?



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