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what should i do with my old hd??


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1. Take the Magnets out of it.

2. Then take the discs out.

3. Then make an ashtray out of the rest "i wouldent do that but ocfourse i dont smoke ether"

4. Put the discs on string and hang them from your sealing.

Thats what i would do.

Ps. Here is a good way to remove the magnets


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WELL! here's a little idea from StonedLlama (Who is currently, stoned :D)



take the lid thingy off, and take the ringy thing off and all that shiny shit and you've got like a kinda square boxish type thing hopefully ;D


You need a stick... some elastic rope... and some scissors!

Tie the stick to the bottom of the harddrive thingy :D and nail it to somewhere or glue or whatever..


get a pretty short amount of rope and stick it to the harddrive top and the roof or whatevr or whatever, fill with some stuff (I suggest flaming tissue balls) pull down... so it streches the rope and let rip! voila you have yourself a deadly weapon 8-)

(OR, just use it as a weapon and kill some rrandomer with it ;D)


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