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Cannot Connect After Rickroll Package


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Hey guys!

I'm new here and I would like to say thank you to all the people who are making this project possible!

So I bought a used La Fonera+ router (which was already connected to the internet before <_< ) and I managed to install everything to have Karma!

Today I installed PHP, thanks to this tutorial. But was not able to connect to the page until I noticed I had to install the rickroll packages.

After using this guide, I saw the rickroll page by navigating to! Hurray!

But I want to have the rickroll page open every time I open a website, so I executed this piece of code:

echo "address=/#/" > /etc/dnsmasq.conf

Then I made sure the line was added to the dnsmasq.conf by using the 'cat' command. So far I was pretty proud of myself what I had managed to do, but when I restarted my Jasager I was not able to connect to it via WinSCP or PuTTY...

I opened the webbrowser and went to nothing!

I pinged to, nothing!

I had a look at 'ipconfig /all' and noticed the Default Gateway was totally blank!

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I did everything the tutorial told me to do except for editing the '/etc/init.d/jasager' file because it said it was optional!

How can I get back into my lovely Pineapple? Any help will be appreciated! :wub:

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, it is indeed a fonera+.

So I reflashed it and went to X-WRT to turn DHCP off, I thought that might be the problem.

Then I did the rickroll tutorial again, including the last part of commenting the iptables out.

Still nothing, I think there's something wrong with the rickroll tutorial? Because if I don't install those config files everything is all right!

Any tips, ideas?

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Sorry for the double post, but as this is not an addition to my last post and this is a update:

It seems that my cellphone gets rickrolled, I was downstairs and wanted to see if there were any new posts when the rickroll popped up!

This means that the Jasager is actually working, but not via LAN.. Is there a way to solve this? (Via cellphone is optional, but I can just reflash it)

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