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Question On Pineapple Juice Charging Method


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I'm trying to determine if my pineapple juiced has been "juiced", that is, broken.

when I plug it into an a/c outlet using the provided adapters and connectors, I see one led light constantly blinking and after a couple of hours, that single light flashes and no other ones illuminate.

Also, the USB/AC adapter tends to get warm -- not hot -- but warm. I've known in the past that with switched polarities you can see these kind of anomalies.

any help much appreciated.

Particularly interested to know others who have used the pineapple juice and their experience with charging it up via an a/c outlet and what kind of illumination they get.


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I'd recommend the Anker Astro3 10000mAh


This is the one I'm currently using to power my pineapple, usb hub, and raspberry pi at the same time.




How long does that pack power all that stuff you have hooked up?

Looks nice!

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