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Converting Divx to DVD format


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I tried google but that got me nowhere so I figured i would ask my question here. Is there a way that you can convert DivX format files to DVD format so that they can be played on a regular DVD player? Ive read that this can be done but so far I havn't had much luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Best idea is to go and spend a small amount of money on a DVD player that can playback DivX files. I've seen them for less that £30 in the UK so I imagine you can get them for a similar price worldwide.

It will save you a lot of time transcoding and then with other problems that occur like audio becoming out of sync.

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The process of creating DVDs is a little bit of a bitch.

1st you need to convert them to mpeg2.

then you need to author the DVD. This can add menus or whatever other crap you want.

Unfortunately there are no free apps that do this nicely that i've come across. Unless you go look at bittorent paying for nice DVD authoring apps is probably going to cost more than simply buying a DVD player that plays DivXs

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Just found on the first google hit: (and its Freeware)

VSO DivXToDVD is a free tool for converting internet movie files into a DVD compatible structure. Burning can be done with CopyToDVD or any other burning tool. It supports most input formats including the files produced from your TV or Video capture card and files downloaded from internet.


Is this somting you can work with?



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