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Recovery Of The Www Folder

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around 1 week ago my Wifi Pineapple Mark IV Elite arrived.

Everything was fine til today when i unplugged the usb stick while (i assume so) the pineapple was saving files on it, wich made it write protected.

I know this from another usb stick where i had the same problem unplugging it while saving files on it made it a brick.

It´s not possible to mount it in Ubuntu anymore because it´s read only and it needs to be checked because something is wrong with the filesystem (ext4)

It was a usb stick out of the elite pack (scandisk 4gb).

My problem now is that i outsourced the www folder on the usb stick -.- so no more web interface for me, but i can ssh on to the pineapple.

Can i download the www manually somewhere so i can at least get the standard web interface back.

Even customized the Web interface for 2 days and now it´s gone for good... at least that teaches me to make backups.

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First of all, sorry for the loss of your modifications.

Outsourcing the www directory is never really a good idea, we have a few people loose their work when outsourcing the www directory.

You can not download the www directory directly but rather, I suggest you re-flash. Follow the instructions on how to upgrade manually.

Just make sure to check the MD5SUM of your downloaded upgrade.bin! (md5sum upgrade.bin).

Best Regards,


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