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Wifi Jammer Pineapple 2.5 Crashes With Rtl8187L


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My Pineapple MK4 2.5 crashes when I run wifi jammer on all AP's found.

First I deauths all the clients on all the AP's that where found by the Pineapple but after a few seconds the Pineapple crashes and reboots it self.

It runs fine when I use wlan0.mon but when using then mon int from the RTL8187L it crashes.

Somebody having the same problem?

Should I upgrade to 2.6 for more compatibility and support on other nic chipset like the Realtek chips?

I also recently bought a TP-LINK 722N but didn't test it fully on the Pineapple because lake of time and I'm waiting on a other USB bat pack.

I did test it on BackTrack 5R2 and it works like a charm, but can somebody tell how to deauth all AP's that where found by Airodump-ng.

Aireplay-ng doesn't let me deauth all AP's, it tells me to use at least the -e or -a syntax with a vallid bssid or essid.

So I can only death one AP at the time.

By the way the Pineapple MK4 rules!

I can do so much more than the Fon 2100 with v2 installed.

And the web int looks pretty cool if you ask, I like the black/green theme.

When I have all the components that are on my list, I will post pics of my Urban Assault Kit.

For the bragging rights ;-)

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