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Prevent Spoofed Emails In Cpanel


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I am using cpanel on a server and I keep getting all the spoofed emails. (From the Irs, efax, paypal, better business bureau) I know they are all spoofed because I will hoover over the links in them and they will all have something along the lines of scientek.sp.ru/intrev.html <----Virus link. Do not visit!!!!!!) I went to the link on a computer that I could care less about and it tryed to load a page that didn't do anything. I'm sure we are all aware of what it't trying to do ;) But Its really annoying getting all these emails everyday. I was wondering how I could setup my email server to check for a ptr record or some other way to set my cpanel up so it will not accept these spoofed emails.

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Depends on you host and what they offer for spam filters. If this is a home server running cPanel and an email client, try installing Spam Assassin, or just setup rules(if you have any interface for spam) to block key words like headers containing the URL's you mention, like .ru/ or such.

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