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Pineapple/raspberry Duo [Moved]


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I'm looking for a sd card that is confirmed working with pwnpi on the raspberry pi... I would love to make some videos but need a good sd card first. Here are some errors I can show visually.

Purple screen behind terminal window-


Tabs not labeled-


I believe these errors are sd card read/write related. (the sd card I'm using now is a Sandisk 16gb class 4)

Here are my plans on videos in the future (once I get this sd card problem fixed):

  • sshing into the the raspberry pi Android phone--->Pineapple--->Raspberry

(I can actually demonstrate this now if you guys like)

  • ICS from the raspberry pi to the pineapple
  • VNC into the raspberry pi over internet (so you can control your pineapple without being close to it)
  • VNC into the raspberry pi over SSH (for when you don't have internet connection yet)
  • deauthing with pwnpi (depending on whether my Alfa driver works and if I can get airdrop-ng on pwnpi)

(post a response for any video ideas you might have)

Please help out in regards to the SD card... Thanks :D

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