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Version 0.70, "ghost Fish", Of The Simple Phishing Toolkit (Spt) Released


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Version 0.70 of the open source phishing education tool "spt" (Simple Phishing Toolkit) was released this week. Notable features and improvements in this version include:

  • Vast improvements in the editing functionality for templates and education packages. Major changes include: two different editors to choose from (the oroginal spt text editor and TinyMCE), copy templates or education to new version and then customize them.
  • Added education completion tracking, now you can determine if your targets completed the assigned education in a campaign.
  • Support for the Google and TinyURL URL shortener services. Now your phishing emails can have shortened URLs, making them harder to detect.
  • Support for sending SMTP using SSL secured connections.
  • Enhancements to the viewing of campaign information including SMTP relay used and destination URL used.
  • Initial support for using spt in SSL/TLS secured installations, code updates to prevent insecure content warnings.
  • All forms now generate inline errors with entered value retention, allowing easy correction of incorrect or missing items without requiring all information to be entered again.
  • Email tracking times are now more accurate when viewing campaign information.
  • Most items in the Quick Start module now feature links allowing you to quickly access the desired location in the spt UI.
  • Enhancements to the browser detection script for more information on what you need vs. what you have.
  • Many security and usability issues fixed.
  • Additional improvements in authentication and session management security.

You can track all current, past, and future planned, changes on the spt project site on the "Change Log" tab of the Download page at http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.'>http://www.sptoolkit.com/download/.

If the project sounds interesting to you, please consider taking a look at it by downloading and testing it your environment. (We opted to remove the online demo of the spt after receiving some complaints from sites that were used to highlight the incredible effectiveness and ease of use of our site scraper). We always welcome all feedback and ideas as we continue to develop the project. Please feel free to contact us via replies to this thread, or via the contact form on the project web site.



- The spt project

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