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Please Suggest 3G/4G Broadband Modems


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Waiting for the arrival of Pineapple. In the meantime read the manual and it says Pineapple supports out-of-the-box for a select few 3g/4g modems and to check these forums for information.

I've checked but cannot find any information on brands, types, etc.

Any help much appreciated on brand names, service companies, etc.


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Great! thanks for that info. Being a new user a couple of question still remain:

When remotely administering, how does one discover the public ip address of the modem so as to be able to connect to it?

Ting states that you need to buy from them, but I don't see the Novatel on their site as an available option so the question arises, how does one get the suggested devices to access those accounts?

Thanks in advance.

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I bought both my ZTE MF591 (4g) and Novatel MC760 (3g) from wallmart as a pre-paid device, cash no ID required.

Once you have the modem working in the pineapple log into the GUI and on the top right corner of the status page there is a link that says "reveal public ip" just click it and wait a few seconds, if you are connected correctly it will return your public IP.

There are other ways to get your public IP but the interface is the easiest for a beginner.

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I think i speak for most people when i say remote adminstration is easier to implement with a reverse SSH tunnel to some kind of public server, be it a virtual private server or a home-hosted one, as long as the relevant ports are forwarded its a lot easier, and as the server (should) have a static IP you don't need to worry about it changing all the time

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