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Kill Tcpdump Kills Pineapple?


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So this may be just something unrelated but it seems to consistently happen on my pineapple.

I run SSLSTRIP and TCPDUMP on my MK4 with USB swap and the internet is being feed from a USB wifi adapter.

The way I normally operate is I start sslstrip and tcpdump with a script that runs the processes in the background using "&" at the end of the commands.

After a day or so of logging I SSH in and issue the top command to find the tcpdump process. I then use kill PID of tcpdump. I then SCP the *.PCAP file to a faster machine and parse the file for data.

Normally I start tcpdump back up with the same script and it runs for a while but inevitably sometime in the next 2-4 hours the pineapple reboots. I don't have sslstrip and tcpdump start automatically so it leaves my device useless until I get back in and run the scripts.

If I just leave the pineapple without trying to harvest the PCAP file it will run for days with no issue.

Is there a better way for me to stop tcpdump or should I add another step to my process?

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