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[Encoder] Duck Encoder V2.6.3 Released 01/12/14


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Hi all!

I need some help... i´m trying to use the encoder 2.6.3 in mi windows 7 x64 and the system allways respond " 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". Can some one help me with this? Probably is something that i´m passingover!.


P.S. <offtopic> What about the firmware... witch one would you choose? </offtopic>

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Ok.. I´m having some issues with the spanish keyboard and the ISO_8859_1... Spanish key map it´s almost done simbol "{ } and ^" same problem with letter ñ (n / Ñ). Issue oppened in https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/issues/detail?id=16.

On the other hand... Google Code it´s clousing... it is the encoder (and all the proyect) going to be moved to github?!

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Hi all,

I'm not from the hak5 team but I wanted the share my work. I previously posted it but it went unnoticed :(

So I modestly try to call it Encode V2.0 to have more success :)

You can download the jar and the source code there : http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/

(It can be hosted on the official github.)

For the untested layouts I just transformed the teensyduino layout file, but I didn't convert the accentuated keys.

You can send me your modifications. Take a look at the French layout to have a good example.



V 2.4

- Added REPEAT command

V 2.3

- Added ALT-SHIFT for Input Language Swap

V 2.2

- Bug with GUI key

- command key added for Mac

V 2.1

- Added debug message for unknown chars

V 2.0

- Added customized layout support (support ASCII, ISO-8859-1, Unicode)

- fr: French (tested)

- pt: Portuguese (tested)

- us: English-US (tested)

- be: Belgian (not tested)

- da: Danish (not tested)

- de: German (not tested)

- no: Norwegian (not tested)

- sv: Swedish (not tested)

- uk: English-UK (not tested)

- Added multiple modifier

- ctrl-alt

- ctrl-shift

- Default_delay fix

Edit (midnitesnake): Added version 2.4 information.

Hi, first of all thank you for the excellent work .

Would it be possible to add one command like STRING_DELAY ? ( to delay the keystrokes between one keystroke and another (this is different from DELAY or DEFAULTDELAY that is excuted between each line...))

The Ducky is often typing too fast and the computer cannot coope with the speed and "eats" the carcters of my strings.... especially if i run the the Ducky at the Pre-Boot level.....

Thank you in advance.

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Not sure if this is known but when I used the encoder to compile my script the it would use a # instead of a / which stopped me from saving files in the location i needed.

I found in the encoder i used that / didn't map to anything (at least in the gb lang).

So I added / to the gb language text file, ran the compiler and now my script can save files.

I have a feeling it may also be the same for the default language setting.

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On 9/14/2016 at 4:05 AM, CoCoCounty_925 said:

how do you open a .jar file. im a complete noob but i got a rubberducky reciently, and im baffled as to how to use it, and im not knowledgable enough to even understand the youtube videos. im lost


Ducky Scripts are compiled into hex files ready to be named inject.bin and moved to the root of a microSD card for execution by the USB Rubber Ducky. This is done with the tool duckencoder.

duckencoder is a cross-platform command-line Java program which converts the Ducky Script syntax into hex files. Usage is:

As of duckencoder 1.X usage is:

usage: duckencode -i [file ..]			encode specified file
or: duckencode -i [file ..] -o [file ..]	encode to specified file

For example on a Linux system:

java -jar duckencoder.jar -i exploit.txt -o /media/microsdcard/inject.bin
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Hello comrades! Today I got my duck, very happy. But I never ran more than one script ... On ducktoolkit.com not my language (I'm from Russia). And the use of your encoder is not pomolgo - the script does not run. When you compile output errors: "Char not found"

Help noob to solve the problem, please)

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -l /resources/ru.properties -o e:/inject.bin
Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3

Loading File .....              [ OK ]
Loading Keyboard File .....     [ OK ]
Loading Language File .....     [ OK ]
Loading DuckyScript .....       [ OK ]
Char not found:ASCII_72
Char not found:ASCII_6E
Char not found:ASCII_6F
Char not found:ASCII_74
Char not found:ASCII_65
Char not found:ASCII_70
Char not found:ASCII_61
Char not found:ASCII_64
Char not found:ASCII_48
Char not found:ASCII_65
Char not found:ASCII_6C
Char not found:ASCII_6C
Char not found:ASCII_6F
Char not found:ASCII_20
Char not found:ASCII_57
Char not found:ASCII_6F
Char not found:ASCII_72
Char not found:ASCII_6C
Char not found:ASCII_64
Char not found:ASCII_21
Char not found:ASCII_21
Char not found:ASCII_21
DuckyScript Complete.....       [ OK ]


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Hello again! Despite everything I hope for your help ... In general, I made a layout-file for my country (I'm from Russia). But I had a problem with the constant need to switch the language in scripts. At least, when attacking the WIN7 Russian-language system ... This makes the scripts too long in execution.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance =)

Layout file for russian keyboard

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