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Books Or Links For High Performance Computing And Advanced C++


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Hello everyone

I'm a student in between the second and the third year of computational science and engineering. And since I've got some spare time I'd like to improve my programing-skills, especially the C++-skills and learn more about hifh performance computing.

I've got some solid basics in C++. And I've learned about the basic optimization strategies, like using the standard containers and the boost library and other libraries, function inlineing, using the pipeline, loop unrolling, template metaprograming, how to make better use of the caches, how fast virtual functions and function objects are and they showed us how to use the OMP library and told us there's a thing called MPI.

But now I'd like to go deeper. I'm looking for some books or links on how to further optimize C++ code, some neat examples of how to use OMP or MPI, how to make even better use of the cache, how to measure how good you made use of it, and learn about all the high performance computing stuff I don't even know of yet.

You got some tips for me? Not just what google tells you, I'm very capable of doing this on my own, I'm looking for stuff you think was good, I'm pretty sure there are some enthusiast in here.



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