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Resetting Root Password Pineapple New One


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Hello All,

I looked around the forum and tried different things. A couple weeks I upgraded the pineapple to the current firmware and I was able to log in. Well after weeks of working so much I thought I new the password still but with no luck i forgot. I looked around the forum on how to reset the password but can't figure it out. I press the reset button for about 7 sec, nothing. Someone else said to hold it down for 10-12 sec that didn't work.

What is the proper way of resetting the device back to when I first received it? I tried for about 3 hours now looking around the web and on the forum.

Any kind of help would be good.

One other thing I notice Darren said something about the script that reset the password might not work on one of the post back.

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Darn... I was going to say Winscp into it and flash that way, but you still need the password to get into it :(

All I can think of that would truly work would be to clean flash it.... You need a console board and serial cable.


There's probably another solution but I'm drawing a blank... It's a solution though.

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Well after trying to many times, and different password omg. i was able to log in but forgot what password I type in. This time I reset the password so I could remember.

Thank you for the help.

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