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Alfa Awus036Nha With Pineapple Prob

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Ok so i dont know if its cause everything i touch doesnt work but im having problems with the pineapple and the NHA wifi card.

I have tried programs with the two and both have resulted in not working, or shutting the NHA card down.

I have tried airodump-ng on it and it worked like a charm, thats ok, goes into monitor mode ok as well.

When reaver goes into play, once it changes the CH it comes out of monitor mode and shuts down..

I tried to see if i could connect to a network, so i tried to do so with iwconfig commands and iptables with udhcpc and it couldent find the card after everything was done and all i had to do was get a ip address from the router with udhcpc.

so i tried to use the module networkmanager, and still not working, when i did iwconfig i had noticed that it didnt even associate with the router..

So can someone shed some light on this? Pleas..

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Haha will do but fixed it like two min ago... i feel dumb but dont know how it did. i changed the usb cord from the pineapple to the card to a shorter one, works now. lol how and why, dont know..

If you got it from the hak shop then thats because some of the usb cords are duds

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