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Annoying Problem With Alfa Awus036H & Jasager Mk4!


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So i want to set my Pineapple to get internet from my home Wifi and offer it through Jasager etc, i have my Alfa Awus036h plugged into the USB port, it shows up under USB etc..., i go to Networkmanager and have the built in adapter set as Access Point, and my Awus036h set as client (to connect to my home wifi)...., the Awus036h LED light ups etc, but when i goto the "Available AP" link and click refresh, the LED goes off! if i use the command "ifconfig wlan1 up" the LED relights and i try again..., but it just does the same!! Am i doing something wrong, or is the Awus036h not supported?

Any advice would be great. Thanks :)

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I solved it! I just used a shorter USB Cable to connect from the Pineapple to the Awus036h. Don't know why the standard cable caused the problem? Maybe something to do with power usage perhaps......

some of the cables from the hakshop are duds, could be that? did you get yours from there

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