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a new laptop


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I am concidering buying a laptop. But i have no idea what to buy or where to buy it. I am looking for a cheap but good laptop. I dont know how much i am willing to spend but i am hoping that you could help me decide. Do you have a laptop? Is its any good? what specs should i look for?

I would probably only use the laptop for school and trying out hacks. I may also concider instaling linux on it.

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1: work out a budget

2: think about what you want (ie a desktop replacement for gaming, a thin&light for carting around, or something in between)

3: look at what is on sale that meets your requirements and budget

4: read reviews (http://www.notebookreview.com <-- very good site)

5: ignore brand name fanboys, most of them know dick beyond what digg tells them to think, judge the product and support by its own merits.

When i got mine, I looked at a load of laptops from various places, then eventually got a factory refurbished Dell. Not a thing wrong with it, worked perfectly and I got £400 (US$750) off the list price.

(thread was locked while i was writing this)

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