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Wifi Pineapple Not Seeing Internet On Mbp


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Hey All. I'm trying to get my pineapple set up. I am using a macbook pro. Internet sharing is turned on and et to share WiFi with ethernet. The ethernet interface is set to with no gateway/router just as printed in the book.

I can connect to the pineapple perfectly fine but cant use the laptops internet connection. I cant ping out, reveal external ip, etc...

I tried using Fusion and setting it up through Win7 and Backtrack and get the same result...no internet to the pineapple.

Any ideas?

Thinking it may be the load, I downloaded 2.5.0 (to my desktop) and successfully flashed it (not over the air, obviously). No luck there...

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Mac doesn't do internet sharing to any NIC's in the range. You basically have one network (e.g. on one interface and on the other but they can't talk to each other. I guess the solution in the forums came down to changing the network range of the pineapple. I've tried using VM's but it doesn't work. VM's have their own virtual interfaces with their own IP range (if sharing connection). Even in bridged mode, it doesn't work.

Easiest solution for me was to make my MacBook Air into dual boot BT5r2. However, this can be tricky, too. If your MBP came initially with Lion, you can't do this easily. If you have Snow Leopard, then it should be straight forward. (The recovery partition interferes with BT's boot loader, I think.) Mine came with Snow Leopard originally. It currently had Lion, but I downgraded back to Snow Leopard. From there, BT5r2 installation was a cinch.

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