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Sshpass For Pineapple?


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Whats your intended usage dustbyter? I'm far from expert on it, but it seems to be a non-interactive auth solution for ssh. Why not just use keypairs? ssh-keygen and such?


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Well I had some module in mind that I wanted to write. Without letting the cat out of the bag, with sshpass I could try to automatically determine if a device has an ssh port available and then try to connect.

I had a similar idea. Mostly because of all the iPhones out there with jailbreaks and default pass for ssh.

Check if iPhone has ssh, try password Alpine or whatever it is and boom, done.

Did I let your cat out of the bag?

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AltezzaBoy, Yup that is the cat!

I looked to see if it can be done using several different technologies such as PHP, PERL, etc but none appear to have all the components required on the wifipineapple.

In short the idea was to check every device connected for SSH, then try to connect to it to validate if it has any account that is using root:alpine.


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