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Reset Mark Iv To Factory


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Hey Folks,

Just ran into a large issue with my pineapple after updating to the 2.5.0 firmware. After changing the device admin password I've noticed some issues

1) Cannot SSh into the device as the device appear to run into an FOPEN issue with the known hosts file

2) Cannot access the web UI as the device now tells me the password is wrong.

I have hit the reset button on the underside of the pineapple but this appears be of no help. Besides serial flashing the device (which requires a console board apparently), are there any other steps i can take to reset the device to out of the box config so i can get back my device?

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I have changed my password b4 then do a reboot right after and works for me. I sometimes get a FOPEN thing on some of the feed back settings stuff, but the best bet for a restart on a router is a 30 30 30 reset or to re-flash it with the bin. Try the 30 30 30 first tho

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the 30 30 30 reset is not going to work like on some routers IE "dd-wrt" most settings on the pineapple are in files and I belive some in nvram. the reset button has ben programmed to copy back-up files to the file system as well as a few other commands, hold for 7 seconds

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Ahh ok, i did a 7 sec restart and all files that were already there where still there but i did it and the ssid and all that were reset, but the place that you type the stuff in for autossh was still typed in? If one deleted all the files in the pineapple, and reset it would they be restored back? lol dont worry i didnt do that, just wondering?

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