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Question.... Stealth Mode Wtf Is It?


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I'm curious to know what stealth mode is on the Pineapple landing page... I'm half expecting it to not show up as a access point but will show up as Karma... I could be wrong though. And if I am wrong, there should be a way to do this where your access point won't show up when people look for networks but will show up through Karma :D

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I just tried the stealth mode hoping it will hide the AP but actually when I enable it it's does nothing at all...I still see the AP and I can still connect to it. But when I ping it it's doesn't reply...

But well, is it possible to hide the AP ?

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It just doesn't respond to pings. Read Sebkinne's post.

Noob question: Why would you want it not to respond to pings? How many clients are going to ping it?

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