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Wifipineapple Wiki Awareness


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Hey everyone,

I know that the wiki of the wifipineapple has changed a couple of times in the past and we didn't have a great solution.

I believe that the current solution we have in place is going to stay for a while.

The link to the wiki is here. You can also find it by going to http://wifipineapple.com and clicking on the Wiki link.

The reason I am making this post is because the wiki is simply being ignored and not used by the community. I believe this is because we haven't advertised it properly. Yet.

So I would like to call out all active members of the community to register on the wiki and add your knowledge to it.

I know many of you want some information published on the wiki, so why don't you? :)

The only thing we had to do this time around, we have to approve registered users to be allowed to edit the wiki.

We do this to prevent spam etc and hope you understand.

Thank you all for your help in making the wiki a more informative place than it currently is.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for the PSA Seb!


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Done ;)

Just a question: is the old wiki content still available to do some copy-paste to fill in the new wiki ?

Sadly not. Not right now. I do have a copy of the github wiki somewhere which I will dig out.

Still, I am sure you all have knowledge to add ;)

Best Regards,


I still have a Github fork with the original wiki ;)

Mod edit: https://github.com/WatskeBart/wifipineapple/wiki

Thanks moderator ;)

Edited by WatskeBart
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Been working with it for like a half hour now. Was a huge pain at first. It didn't like Chrome too much. Used a naked Firefox and worked perfect.

Already converted my Clean Flash to the wiki with the help of internet radio :D


I listen to this station when I get tired of the crap around Dayton..


It's still clear channel, but I get to hear some news from home.

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