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Free Tunneling Service?


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Hello everyone,

I am planning on setting up a server to host a vpn, website, etc. and have a couple issues.

When at home I don't even have my own public IP, my service provider has a central router that all the clients are connected to.

When I go to school here in a couple weeks I will have a public IP, but it will be dynamic and a lot of the ports will be blocked.

Is there a free tunneling service or something similar that will give me a static public IP and alow me to manage which ports are open? I am looking for a free solution, even if it fixes one of the problems it would be great.

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If you can bridge your own router to the schools network, you can setup DynDNS on your own router, and create a domain that will exist at all times. Or, set it up at home, and have a box at home, that you can use as your VPN, using DynDNS for that as well if needed.

The alternative, pay for a good VPN service. I use one thats really affordable, but also fast enough that I can watch YouTUBE and Netflix over it without any issues. - http://www.tunnelguard.com/ PM me if you are interested, I can probably get you a promo code for trial, but he already offers like free 7 day trials to begin with.

He also owns http://www.apovpn.com/ which is basically the same service but for people overseas and outside the US, like military families, etc. You can also buy pre-configured routers, that have all the OpenVPN stuff setup, so its always using the VPN for everything. You move, take the router with you, and ALL your devices will be on the VPN, vs just one running a conf file. This way, you don't have to setup the VPN on every device.

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I would go with a VPN service, there are cheap ones like CyberGhost or UltraVPN or even Nvpn. For something like $5 or $8 dollars per month.

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