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Auto Login To Coffee Shop Style Lan.


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Hey guys I think I know my stuff (somewhat) but I'm up against a slightly awkward problem. My building provides internet access via wired Ethernet. The awkward thing is by default you don't have an out side connection, you have to use your browser to try to go to a website and then you get redirected to a log-in page, your MAC gets registered and then you can get passed the filter, coffee-shop/airport style MAC filtering.

I have two problems with this:

1) Without using MAC spoofing I get exacly one MAC address on the network. Using another device requires logging off via the webpage and logging on on the other device.

2) This involves user interaction.

The log-in page contains a seed that is hashed with the password and sent to the server for verification. Like you I have a ton of devices 2 Mac, 2 Pc's and a phone.

My plan is to use my old eeepc as a bridge between the building network and my apartment network, with the eeepc, NATing my network and providing a teredo connection I can access while away. I think that solves a lot of my problems. But I can't figure out how to get it to log in automatically to provide connectivity, as well as that it logs you out at the drop of a hat.

So does anyone know how to automate a website login? the device is running linux, Thanks.

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When you log in for the first time, what's the default run-time before they log you out, and you have to log back in again?

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