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Running Wifi Pineapple With Mac Os X


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Wow. My wife asked me what was so funny on reddit...but it was the...Jasager forums? Never thought in a million years...

If you didn't make defcon petertfm, try and make it out to Louisville this september for Derbycon!


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I probably should have done a little more research, but I tried this and I'm locked out.

When I hook up via ethernet port, I believe this is the info on ifconfig that is being read for the pineapple:

The IP before this was the default one that started with 172. I was able to shell in before I tried this suggestion.

I did make backups in the file system, but is there any suggestions on how I can restore those files in /etc/config? I just need to be able to shell in again.

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This worked great! The only thing I would add is to make sure Mac sharing is turned OFF before you attempt to ssh to the pineapple. That way, your 172. address will set. Thanks Barry!

Just be careful with it. Restore the network settings before updating the pineapples os. I don't have a working mac anymore so I can't test with Lion or Mtn Lion, so I'm not 100% sure the settings will still work.

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