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Why Gate Keys Rfid And Remote Systems Dont Work. (Un Manned Entry Gate)


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EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only.... I live in a neighborhood that has an entry gate. To save money they got rid of the guard and put some automatted system in. There is a button to get some person on a phone if you are a guest. The residents use a garage door remote or rfid badge. Buy a generic garage door remote set the dip switches and frequences. Do a favor for one of the residents borrow the remote. Borrow your neighbors car have the kid next door help you out. record the brand of remote and number code. Go online find out which generic remote will work and go from there. I do not know enough about rfid cards to talk about that.

The automatied system get the name of someone who lives there and address. Say that you are delivering a pizza the phone/cable company guy or gal. Much easier than tagging a car through the gate. This is why an unmanned entry gate system does not work. half the time people tag someone in.

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