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Popup Page With Dnsspoof


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Hello to everyone :) :) :) :)

I had 2.3.1 frimware installed to my pineapple and i was running a DnsSpoof attack with the config file like this :

# *


(so all the traffic was redirecting to the pineapple's ip). Every time a mobile was connecting to the wifi, a browser window was poping up to it with the index.php. Just like when you connect to a hotel's wifi and a disclaimer/login screen pops up by it self's( ;)).

Today after an upgrade to 2.4.1 frimware i noticed that the dnsspoof is working correctly, redirecting all the traffic to my pineapple BUT the browser window wont popup every time a mobile connects to it.

The index.php is the same and the mobiles i had tested with was iPhone and HTC.

Does anyone know how can this been fixed/done ?

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I know with apple iphones and touches there is a screen that pops up but that is actually a method apple uses to log in to those portal pages like at starbucks or hotel.

could be that the latest version of mk4 is now allowing the apple servers through?

does this happen when shareing internet with the mk4? try without internet.

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I thought of that to and have already tried it with out internet to the pineapple. I don't actually think that is because of the upgrade but i don't know what alse it can be :( . When the safari was poping up at the iPhone the dnsspoof.log was saying that the request was coming from "something.apple.com".

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I was having a bit of trouble with the redirect.php...... here is what I replaced it with.

$ref = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

if (strpos($ref, "example")) { header('Location: example.html'); }


If your problem was that it wasn't redirecting properly, then this might help.

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