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Can (Fair Simple) Pineapple Be Used For 'normal' Hotspot Usage?


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Hi all,

Can the Pineapple IV be used for nomal (private) hotspot aswell (easy selected without reflashing thepineapple)? Reading a few webpages I'm unable to determain if the PineApple is able to be used in places where I need to setup an accepoint quick and easy (share 3G internet or an (hotel ethernet wall outlet). At those moments I won't like the setting that all clients are able to connect and use the internet, only clients who know the WPA for example can.

I know that the main purpose is that everyone (and all requested WiFi SSID's) will be accepted. But in some rare cases I just want the Pineapple to be a private accesspoint for me and some friends.

Second question, less important, can I use the Pineapple (hopefully easy aswell) to be a USB WiFi dongle? Or perhaps an Ethernet WiFi dongle (bridge would be best I think), so connecting to an excisting WiFi network and bridge the info to a connected laptop on the ethernet port?



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I'll give you a draft for the scenarios you mentioned and you work on getting them done (it's easy) :

1- MK4 as a plain WPA hotspot :

. You would backup the wireless config file under /etc/config and change the interface for wlan0 to support WPA

. Disable karma

. ethernet from hotel connects to eth1 (wan port)

. 3G dongle as you normally use with the MK4 as a pineapple

2- MK4 as an Wifi dongle :

. connect the MK4 to your laptop via eh0 (lan port)

. Change the settings in wireless files under /etc/config/ to make wlan0 go in managed mode and connect to which ever access point you choose

. adjust the iptables to reflect the new config

Good luck.

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I frequently work in remote areas where my 3G dongle does not get reception inside a building. I leave the pineapple in my car (plugged into a USB cell phone charger) with the 3G dongle attached. I then connect to the Pineapple's WiFi from inside.

You can edit your /etc/config/wireless to enable encryption and change the channel.

Here is part of my /etc/config/wireless

config wifi-iface
option device radio0
option network lan
option mode ap
option ssid "SSID Name Here"
option encryption wep
option key 1234567890

Remember to backup the file first. You will need to revert back if you want to use Karma.

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