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Try This Trick On Jailbroken Idevices (Fake Your Ios Version).


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~This if f.y.i I am not responsible for what you do or if you damage your device~

Hey guys. i found out this trick to fake your ios version!!! OK lets say your like me and you have a older model of the iPhone (i have a 2g). But you want to get apps (ipas or from the appstore) that aren't for your ios version. Well here is how you can fake your ios version!!

1. Get ifile on your ipod or ssh into your iphone. **

2. Go to the root of your iphone...

3. Go to system...

4. Go to Library (in the system folder)

5. Go to CoreServices (in the Library folder)

6. Open SystemVersion.plist

7. Edit the product version key. (i set mine to 6.0.1).

8. Read the **...

9. Enjoy....

** I recommend using ifile it is easier... Plus just know this wont work for all apps but it will work for some if your lucky.....

Good luck!!! :)

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Wonder if that will let me install the reading rainbow app on my iPad 2. Its like, never, been updated since I jailbroke it, and says I don't have the latest iOS to run the app, so F U APPLE! I also hate the face that a program like that for kids, is ONLY available for the latest iPad. Levar, I love you bro, but you should have made it Web Page based as well as cross platform. That should have been a priority, as not every family nor kid, owns an iPad. But I digress..,my iPad sits in its box, a collectors item and gift from Derby Con, so its more or less a one of a kind, laser engraved with artwork I created for the conference, then they ended up giving me one..doh...thanks Rel1k and crew. I owe you all big time...

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