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Reaver Pro Booting Issue


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Howzit guys

i got my reaver pro a while ago, and worked like a charm! But now it won't even boot...

the usb hasn't been altered in any way, and all the files are there, but i can't get past the tactical network solutions splash screen!

the last time it booted, i was using it on an old, unused laptop to see if i could get a dedicated reaver setup running, so i don't have to use my desktop pc the whole time. it booted perfectly, but said it couldn't connect to the server in firefox, and because its GUI is web based, i thought that the internal wifi card was the problem, as the alfa wireless card wasn't blinking like normal. So i tried it again on my desktop pc with the same problem recurring. I did make a backup of the files of the reaver the day i got it, as i thought something like this might happen, but when i tried to make another bootable usb drive with these files, the same issue occurred! BTW it did indeed work before this... B)

Any help would be welcome!

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