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my new 1337 mod


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hay guys

i have thought up this nice idea to window a 2.5" hdd (laptop hardrive) i dont think its a popular mod i will try make it popular. what i did was i cut a stylish shape in the metal part of the hdd and i put some plastic behind it and glued it

then i put the hdd on the side of my acrylic case looks very nice when it spins

really nice eyecandy

p.s if any one would like to see it tell me and ill put it on my web server and ill give u a link if u request the link

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cool, i'd like to see

only thing, don't HDs go bad if opened and exposed to the atmosphere?

Nah, but dust and shit can kill it. That could be why you dont see many people doing this kind of mod, as not many people have the right setup to pull apart a hd
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I meant saftey wise.

I have seen this done before (Other than that one on [H]) and it usually turns out alright in the end.

One word of caution - Becareful with the plastic size.

Your going to need something quite thin if your just going to do a hack-n-glue.

Edit - Nevermind, you've already done it.

I thought you were planning it.

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dont laugh but im gonna use a cd case cover for all the plastic i need (works great i have done it b4 on my dvd drive mod) the point of using it is that it is really thin.

today i will start cutting the LAPTOP hdd cover and it should be done by tonight and mayb installed then i need to conect it with a ide converter to my desktop and finally take pics and put it on my web server and give i guys the links

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