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I Finally Received The Pineapple!

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Hi all!, recently received the wifi pineapple mark 4, and I have a question, my devices do not connect automatically to the device, I have a phone with android that is configured as automatic connection of my home wifi network in that is protected with password but this device is configured as the default, now my question is, am I doing something wrong? I have to change the SSID name in the options of karma, or it automatically detects the default name of my android device and connect it? I have to do some special steps?

Thank you very much!

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The pineapple only responds to devices (your phone) which are trying to connect to a open (no wep/wpa) remembered/preferred network and you need to have karma enabled.

So if your phone doesn't have a open network in his remembered networks list than it doesn't work.

If you really want to test the pineapple's functionality:

  1. Remove your home wifi network from your android (long press network and select forget)
  2. Change your home wifi network to a open (non wep/wpa) network.
  3. Connect with your android to your open home network.
  4. Turn off wifi on your android.
  5. Change your home wifi network back to a wep/wpa network.
  6. Turn on pineapple and enable karma
  7. Turn on wifi on your android.
  8. Your android should automatically connect to it's remembered open network (which was your home network) and the pineapple will catch that request and connects your android to him.
  9. Voila

Reload your android status page to see if you android has connected.

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With Karma enabled the WiFi driver replies to all heard received probe requests with a spoofed probe response. Meaning if something nearby asks for "starbucks" it'll reply with an SSID of "starbucks". No need to manually change the SSID (though you may want to change the default "pineapple" SSID -- it kinda gives away your presence)

PS: Starbucks uses the SSID of "attwifi"

PPS: Unless you have permission from AT&T and Starbucks corporate, I'd refrain from hacking 'em. Just sayin'.

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